Florida Drivers

Posted by – October 6, 2018

I got to tell you since I moved to Florida I’ve had more close calls while driving then I did in all my time driving in Illinois.

I have a feeling people here either don’t know how to drive, can’t read the road signs or understand what green, yellow and red mean on street signals. I was heading to Dollar General, a 5 minute drive, and was almost t-boned by someone that blew through a stop sign. Since I was a truck driver I learned to always have my head on swivel to watch out for the unexpected. If not for this and my instincts I would be in a hospital. I seen the car coming out of the corner of my eye and was able to swerve and slam on the brakes to avoid being hit.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had close calls. There are a lot of old timers down here and as we know as we get older our skills erode. Thing is it’s the younger people that can’t drive.

If you come down to Florida watch out when driving.

Retired and Loving It

Posted by – September 26, 2018

I don’t believe I put this site up almost 2 years ago and never made a post. Well that’s about to change. I am now retired and have all kinds of time for posting useless drivel or sometimes entertaining thoughts.

I wanted to work another 9 months and retire in August of 2018. Problem with that was the general superintendent Mark Lindbloom decided to retire me. Lindbloom never liked me because he wants all yes men working under him. I am not and never have been a yes man. If something doesn’t seem right I disagree with it, whether I am right or wrong, I say what I think. At times I rub people the wrong way when I state my case. He never liked that about me.

While he was an area superintendent it didn’t matter. Other then taking his trucking orders and scheduling trucks and people for his jobs we didn’t have much interaction. When he was promoted to general superintendent I knew my time was nearing an end.

I had all credits needed to retire so I was fully prepared for the day when I got the call to meet my immediate supervisor and him. When the text came to meet at the Hodgkins main yard I knew what was coming. When I walked into the office and saw Lindbloom, my supervisor and HR I knew for sure. Lindbloom had this smirk on his face when he told me they were letting me go. He was proud of himself. You could see it. I told him I seen it coming and wasn’t surprised. I cleaned my personal stuff out of my company vehicle and waited for the safety directory to give me a ride home.

There also was the fact that the company, K-Five Construction Corp., has a history of letting good people go when they reach a certain age.

Being on the inside I got to see how prejudice the company really is. If you’re not White or Hispanic you can forget about working there. There are very few African Americans, just enough to meet Federal and State quotas so they can bid that work. There are no African Americans in management positions and Hispanics can only get to the foreman level. There are no Hispanics in upper management.

I heard many times that an applicant was too old or out of shape. The HR women, that’s another story in itself since she was nothing more then a glorified secretary that had no formal education in the field,  even told me once that the applicant I just interviewed was too fat to be hired. If you made a mistake and had a DUI in your past you’ll never get hired.

In any case I am now retired and while I didn’t care for the way it happened I am enjoying retirement.

Hello world!

Posted by – January 15, 2017

This blog will be used to post about things that interest me or happens to me in my life. It will be a journal of what’s happening in Bob’s World.